I believe in late afternoons spent in my parent’s sunny living room feeling the comforts of home.
Sunday morning snuggles in bed with freshly brewed coffee from my French press and chocolate chip pancakes made by my husband is always the best part of my week.
I believe that every day is an opportunity for adventure, and that you can find adventure in the most mundane daily life.
I've been toying around lately with brewing beer at home, because I find the whole process fascinating - but mostly because I love beer.
I believe in long mountain drives with the windows rolled down, breathing in fresh air and listening to John Denver.
I wear my heart on my sleeve. 
I value people and experiences over things.  I’d rather go on a trip to Italy to eat amazing food, see all the sites where civilization started, and drink amazing (cheap) wine!
I bask in summer days spent at a vineyard in the Willamette Valley drinking wine with the man I have chosen to share my life with.
I will go hiking with my husband and our two dogs any chance I can get.  That quality time feeds my soul.
The best things in life are free, except for gummy bears.  I could eat an entire bag of them while I edit if I'm not paying attention!
My life is the product of my pursuit to dream big, and I will never stop!  My hope is that you will continue to dream too!