As I had mentioned earlier, "Wedding Season" is fast approaching and on March 17th I had the pleasure of photographing my dear friend Jessica's wedding.  Although the weather was fairly uncooperative we managed to get some beautiful photos of Jessica and Michael's first few moments together on their wedding day on the bridge in Eastman Park in Windsor Colorado.  They were so delighted to see each other that Michael's eyes lit up the moment he turned around to see his beautiful bride for the first time, and Jessica could not stop smiling.  They were completely enamored with each other.  We lasted about 10 minutes on the bridge because of the wind chill and I had decided it was time to go to the church since the bride was turning blue (poor thing). So, we headed back and prepared for their ceremony.  I was lucky enough to catch a few moments of Jessica and her Dad talking before the ceremony on camera and before I knew it they were walking down the aisle toward Michael.  I feel so lucky to have been there to capture their first day as husband and wife.  You two are going to make wonderful lifelong companions.    


Ashley Louise