A few months ago I decided I wanted to run a fun little special for the holidays.  I had heard of other photographers offering mini sessions for half the time of a normal session at half the cost!  Josh and I were delighted to organize this event, and I spent weeks on Pinterest to do some research on some fun ideas for holiday cards.  

Now don't get me wrong, I have a very creative mind, and tons of ideas I had come up with on my own, but I LOVE Pinterest.  That site is full of great ideas for just about anything you could imagine.  It's a wonderful site to inspire any artist!  

It wasn't long before I told Josh it was time to go shop for props.  Okay, so here's the thing…I could buy thousands of dollars worth of props.  LITERALLY!  Who doesn't want a beautiful white couch to take out on location?  Or perhaps a huge christmas tree with all of the trimmings.  Sometimes I have to rein it in a little bit so as not to go overboard.  Some simple plastic ornaments and a nice fluffy piece of  white fabric did the trick for us.  Thank you JoAnn's (o:  A few santa hats, reindeer headbands, a box, and wrapping paper added the perfect touch!  There's a lot you can do for set up on a fairly reasonable budget. 

With the exception of a not-so-great day weather wise, we had a ton of fun at Frank State Wildlife Area with all of the families who came out to have their photos taken.  Go ahead, take a look for yourself!  There are some pretty cute faces in there!!

Holiday Photos by Ashley McKenzie Photography in Windsor, CO

Holiday Photos by Ashley McKenzie Photography in Windsor, CO