After celebrating Mother's Day with my family this year I headed up to Viestenz-Smith Mountain Park for a photography engagement session with Nick and Nancy.  The drive up was beautiful through Big Thompson Canyon in Loveland, CO. It's been such a relief to see green grass and have warm weather!  

When we arrived there were tons of families enjoying the park with each other for Mother's Day and at first I was a bit concerned that we might not be able to avoid having other people in the background of the photos.  However, my worry was for nothing and as we chose our first spot to start our session people began to gather their children up so as not to be in our "way".  We began down by the Big Thompson River which is running high and fast since the snow in the mountains is beginning to melt.  Then we took some on the bridge, and moved over into a grassy area for some fun and flirty poses.  Nancy has the sweetest smile, and beautiful brown eyes that are truly captivating in a photograph.  I had lots of fun capturing the two of them getting a chance to wind down from the day and just be in love, ( accompanied by a professional photographer of course (o: ).  We took our time, and really enjoyed the evening as the sun went down behind the mountains.  

Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful, diverse landscape.  This session was a wonderful way to begin a fun summer filled with weddings, babies, expectant mothers, and families large and small.  I love new beginnings.   


Ashley Louise