Jonathan and Charlotte in Rotary Park Colorado

Jonathan and Charlotte in Rotary Park Colorado

Just another beautiful day in Fort Collins, Colorado at Rotary Park. I had the opportunity to take a beautiful couples engagement photos. With this weather we have been having, we felt very blessed to go up there on just the right day. 

Jonathan and Charlotte are a wonderful couple, and we had so much fun together during the photos. Of course, my husband had the privilege of joining us, I'm not so sure if I will bring him along to assist again. The entire time he kept making jokes and getting Jonathan and Charlotte to laugh continuously. He was quite the ham. Who wants someone around to make people laugh during a photo session? (Ok, maybe I'll think about bringing him again in the future). 

They had such a wonderful time they even wanted my husband to do a photo bomb! Oh dear, now everyone will be requesting he join.

Jonathan and Charlotte will be getting married in June at the Tapestry House, in which I will also be photographer for. I can't wait to hear them say their vows. They are one beautiful couple and as the summer grows closer to us every day I can only hope that I will witness such genuine love over and over again. 

Such is the life of a photographer in Colorado.

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