With the Wedding season coming to an end, we have decided to prepare folk's for their engagement photo's with a couple helpful ideas. These should be taken to heart and memorized for best results.  

The Do's

Set your date as soon as you book your photographer. This is very important as you are also competing against other brides/grooms for that specific date. 

Bring an at least one to two outfit changes. You never know when the occasion calls for it. Also, if something happens to that first outfit you'll want to be able to change your clothes. These are engagement photos after all, expect the unexpected!

Be up for anything...and I mean anything. Awards go to the courageous with engagement photos, sometimes you have to do something silly, out-there, scary or embarrassing to get that special one of a kind picture. Including, but not limited to: Roads, trees, grocery stores, mountains, climbing, falling, acting like your falling, climbing on your loved one, loved one climbing on you,  swinging, jumping off the swings, swimming, getting in a fountain, kissing in a fountain, laughing in a fountain, re-proposing, bike riding, and more... in a fountain. 

Be flexible with the weather conditions. Now I know everyone has that perfect idea of weather for their photos; however, with us still years away from being able to control the weather it's important for us to be flexible. If you think it's going to rain, bring a cute umbrella and some rain boots, if it's going to snow bring mittens so you can throw snowballs at each other. These are what make your photos unique, so have fun & take advantage of it. I mean who wouldn't want a tornado in the background of their engagement photos?

Dress up and match. Wear whatever style you both prefer, but then make sure your hair is groomed, clothes are pressed, washed, etc... Make sure everything is tucked, hanging, fitting the way you want it to. So, ask yourself this question, "Will I love what I wore today years from now?" If the answer isn't yes, don't wear it. 

Do have a backup engagement date if you planned for the weekend. Super important to remember. Most weddings are on weekends and can pop up at the last second. So if we're going to schedule an engagement session on the weekend, have a back-up just in case a wedding swoops in. 

Bring water. Some locations we go to don't have convenient stores, so bring something to hydrate with. That's a story you wouldn't want to have photographed. "Remember the time we had our engagement photos and I passed out from dehydration?" Right....

The Do not Do's

Don't fight with each other on the way to the session. Nothing is worse than being upset with one another while trying to act like your happy. And to top it off, you're going to have photographers telling you to smile repeatedly. So make sure that morning or afternoon, you go out to lunch, you have a fun time, de-stress and show up to that session like love sick puppies.

Don't change your engagement session date if you can help it. This limits the window of opportunity for you to get what you want. So be sure to plan on a day that you will be able to make it unless an act of God hits you.

Don't plan multiple locations too far from one another. This is mostly because of light. We try to plan around certain times so we can get the best light setting for those pictures. If we run out of proper light, you could only get one session that you love and the other might not have been what you thought it was going to be. 

Do not forget to smile & bring ideas. We'll do our best to remind you to smile and what to do, when to do, and how to do it; however, it's important to be the happy version of and have some ideas as well. We have plenty of ideas, but they might not be any you want. So remember to be prepared with a couple definite wants.

Don't forget to brush your teeth. Obvious reasons

Don't be over-critical of yourself. It's human nature to look at ourselves first when looking at a photo or posing. Remember, this is for the benefit for your loved ones as well. So look at the over all picture and see how you like it. I have to remind myself of that all the time. I live with a photographer, I should be used to it by now!

Don't forget to have fun! The more fun you have, the more fun we have, the more fun your pictures are! So enjoy every second of it and think of the session as a date where you get to kiss, hug, cuddle, laugh as much as you like. 


Ashley & I really hope you have enjoyed these helpful hints to making your engagement session the best engagement session! Thank you for reading! 

 -Josh Mcdonald
Ashley McKenzie Photography