I don't even know where to begin to tell the story so far of Alyssa & Kedge.  From the moment I met them I knew they were something special!  Kedge proposed to Alyssa during Judo practice, which is something they both love doing together.  You can see "exactly" how Kedge proposed in our photo recreation of their story towards the bottom of this post.  I'll have to admit that the lighting in their Dojo (the place where they practice Judo) was very challenging for me and I struggled a bit with white balance (color), thus they are all in B&W.  I actually think the B&W brings something a little extra though.  As I have always said, black and white has a special way of capturing tender moments.  The best part of this session was the moment Kedge re-propsed and Alyssa's face lit up all over again!  I could tell that she was feeling almost the same way as she did the first time he asked.  Memories...that's what I'm all about!


Engagement Photography by Ashley McKenzie Photography in Denver, CO