I don't even know where to begin in telling Katy & Andy's wedding day story.  These two stole my heart at the very start when I photographed their engagement session.  The way they look at each other is the way we all dream of being looked at.  Their laughter is infectious, and their playful banter leaves you wishing they had said even more.  Katy & Andy know each other inside and out, as they have been together for years that passed through many stages of growing up.  They grew together during this time.  They love each other, and anyone can see it.

I arrived at the Barn at Evergreen Memorial Park to find a very anxious Katy because it looked an awful lot like it was going to rain.  We all reassured her that everything would be okay and encouraged her to continue focusing on getting ready.  I remember telling her that the only thing that mattered was she was going to marry Andy that day.  It's true, when you love someone, you can set all those other things aside.  She was going to be Mrs. Spatz.  Her bridesmaids helped her get into her dress just in time for her dad to come in and see her for the first time.  Tears welled up in her eyes as he smiled at her, and helped her put on her necklace.

The gentleman were also busy getting ready upstairs, and Andy's best man helped him pin on his boutonniere.  Did I mention that the flowers were GORGEOUS?  Sunflowers are my favorite, so I may be a little bias.  Andy was excited, and a bit more quiet than usual when I spoke with him.  I remember wondering what was on his mind.  Probably his beautiful bride Katy.  I know he was anxious to see her.

It rained right on time, just before the ceremony.  Three adorable children walked down the aisle, (the ring bearer, and the flower gals), and just as they hit the altar the sun peeked out, Andy looked down the aisle, and saw Katy walking down with her dad.  I think we all teared up a bit at this moment because his expression said everything.  Tears welled up in his eyes, and he covered his mouth to choke them back a bit.  Katy was grinning from ear to ear with glassy eyes filled with love and excitement at seeing Andy and his reaction.  It was "the moment" everyone had been waiting for.

Katy & Andy exchanged vows and rings, shed a few tears, and had a lot of laughs!  The ceremony was just their style.  Heartfelt, real, and full of fun!  They were pronounced husband and wife, and Andy was told to kiss the bride.  He didn't miss a beat as he dip-kissed her and high-rived his best man at the same time.  It was quite the impressive maneuver!  He then bent down, threw her over his shoulder and proceeded to carry her down the aisle.  I know, don't you wish you had been there?

Katy & Andy's niece, one of the flower girls, was so happy and full of joy at the end of their ceremony that she couldn't stop crying on Katy's shoulder.  It was on the top 10 list of the most precious things I have ever seen.  Katy wiped her tears away and told her Andy was now really her uncle and to go give him a hug.  She did, and it was adorable.  

We took their Bridal party photos, family photos, and photos of the two of them against a beautiful mountain background.  It was so very Colorado.  So Katy & Andy.  When we were finished we headed back into the barn for their introduction.  The entire Bridal Party was introduced and they danced their way in.  Little did I know that the party was just getting started!

Katy's sister, Andy's brother, the best man, and both of their dads gave wonderful toasts to the couple.  Katy and Andy laughed and cried through the whole thing.  Their noses were pink by the end of it.  I've never head such wonderful toasts about what a fabulous match they are, and how much they have both always been a part of each other's family.

They shared their first dance amongst their friends and family and were surrounded by little twinkling lights.  It was terribly romantic watching them dance to "their song". 

I think one of my favorite parts of the day was cake cutting.  Katy and Andy face palmed each other with cake instead of feeding it to each other gently.  What else were they supposed to do right? That wasn't even the best part though.  The Maid of honor and best man came over to be in their photos and also had cake smashed in their faces.  That was a first for me.  It was HILARIOUS, and so unexpected!!

If you know Katy & Andy then I'm sure you weren't surprised by a single thing I've said.  They live out loud, love their people, and know how to have fun.  I love my job because it's about relationships.  The connections between people, and the different types of love they share are what inspires me to be creative when capturing moments through a camera lens.  You two are  inspirational.  I feel blessed that you two shared this day of yours with me.  I wouldn't have missed it for the world.  Thank you, and Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Spatz!!!!!


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