I'm not sure where to even begin in telling the story of Kimberlee & Josh's wedding day.  Every moment was inspiring to me.  The wedding was held at Beaver Meadows Ranch Resort in Red Feather Lakes, CO.  This was my first time ever photographing an event there, and let's just say that I was hooked from the moment Kourtney and I arrived.  The scenery, and the views are absolutely amazing.  Colorado never ceases to surprise and delight me.  In fact, everywhere I have been in Colorado has held great beauty and charm in it's own way.  

When we arrived the ladies were getting ready in their cabin, and all of the bouquets were sitting neatly on the counter top of the kitchen.  My jaw dropped when I saw the stunning arrangement Paul Skinner of Palmer Flowers in Fort Collins, CO put together for Kim.  You can see below that it's vibrant colors, and drama were created with true artistry. 

Kim & Josh's ceremony was nothing but out of the ordinary.  The setting was perfect, and as guests started to arrive I saw nothing but pure joy and excitement on their faces to witness a union that had been a long time coming.  Everything was admired.  Josh walked down the aisle and waited for his beautiful bride to arrive via cycle rickshaw aka "pedicab".  When Kim stepped out she was glowing, and it only took a few moments for tears to fill her eyes the moment she saw Josh.  One of my favorite moments during the ceremony was when the Best Man, Josh's brother reached his hand over and set it on Josh's shoulder as Kim walked down the aisle.  This was the first insight I had into learning how wonderful all of Kim & Josh's family and friends are.  

Josh and Kim exchanged their vows with a few tears, lots of laughter, and big grins.  They were pronounced husband & wife, and of course shared their first kiss.  This is when all of the fun began!  DJ Johnny Cruz turned Footloose on, and everyone put on sunglasses to dance down the aisle.  Even the guests were dancing.  Yes, Kim & Josh had organized a Footloose Flash Mob for the end of their wedding ceremony!  It was a huge hit, and tons of fun for me to photograph!

We held back from the reception to take some family photos, and bridal party pictures immediately after the ceremony.  This was a fun crowd.  Nuff said.  We even snagged a few photos in front of the Odell Brewing Easy Street Bus which was also visiting because Josh & Kim had a special brew for their wedding made by Odell's called "It's About Time".  Talk about details that make your wedding day uniquely yours!

As cocktail hour was finishing up, Kim & Josh made a special entrance across the bridge ending in an epic dip kiss, and the celebrating began for everyone.  If you ever get the chance to visit my home town of Windsor, CO, be sure to check out Okole' Maluna.  It's a wonderful Hawaiian restaurant that catered their wedding.  I've been eating there with my family for years, and the food is fantastic!  It was a much welcomed plate after such an exciting day.

Some of the best toasts were given by those near and dear to Mr. & Mrs. Palmer after dinner, and as I looked out the window the light was just perfect to set out and take their bride & groom portraits.  We headed back to the ceremony site where there is a stream, and the most amazing view and the sun shined just perfectly around them as it was starting to set.  

Here's where things got really interesting.  When wedding planning I had talked to Kim & Josh about possibly going barefoot into the stream which we were all really excited for, so when I mentioned it they quickly took their shoes off and jumped right in. BEST PART OF THE NIGHT FOR A WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER!!  Kim held her dress up in the stream for about 30 seconds and then just dropped it.  My jaw also dropped, and she said she was only going to wear it once.  Kourtney and I looked at each other in disbelief and excitement spread across our faces!  Needless to say that we got some really great shots even though everyone's feet were chilly. 

It was from that point on that Kourtney and I referred to Kim as "the coolest bride ever".  

Thank you both for having such an amazing celebration to be a part of.  It was such a beautiful experience. One I will never forget.

A special thanks goes to:

Beaver Meadows Ranch Resort - Venue

Okole' Maluna - Catering

Odell Brewing Company & Wilbur's Total Beverage

Paul Skinner of Palmer Flowers 

DJ Johnny Cruz 

Beth Carroll, Paul Skinner, and Brian Robinson - Day of Coordination & Set-up

Photography by Ashley McKenzie Photography and associate photographer Kourtney Hand

Photography by Ashley McKenzie Photography and associate photographer Kourtney Hand