Lyons, Colorado Wedding Photography By: Ashley McKenzie

Lyons, Colorado Wedding Photography By: Ashley McKenzie

When I think of Maddi and Kyle, I think of two people that couldn't more be a better match for each other.  They are head over heels in love, best friends, and amazing people with huge hearts for their families & friends.

I met Maddi when photographing  Erica & Luke's wedding.  We hit it off right away because she's so outgoing, friendly, and has a great sense of humor.  I tried my best to fix her hair that was falling out of it's gorgeous up-do just before the toasts started, and we've been friends ever since!  (Yes, as a wedding photographer I wear many different hats that include fixing bridesmaid hair, fluffing dresses, arranging decor etc... and I LOVE it all!)

One of the first things she ever mentioned to me was about Kyle.  She knew he was the one, and that they were on their way to spending forever together.  She told me she was interested in doing a couples session with forward about 6 months later and they were engaged!  She called me and left a message asking me to call her back with out leaving any details, but I could hear the excitement in her voice so on that drive home from another wedding I called her and she shared their big news with me.  We were both giddy, and I couldn't wait to meet with her to talk about wedding plans!

I've written about these two before.  About how their personalities bring out the best in each other.  With Kyle being a bit quieter, gentle, and kind hearted, Maddi brings out the more outgoing side of his personality with her bubbly, vivacious energy.  It's clear for anyone to see that they are just right. An excellent fit. They have worked hard to build and strengthen their relationship with months apart at times, and it shows because they are rock solid.

Here's to you two, and the life you're building together.  The lasting memories you have created and will continue to make.  Your future children, and the love that will bind your family together.  Congratulations!!  Thank you for letting me be a piece of the puzzle in the start of your marriage.

PSA:  These two had 5 first kisses at the end of their ceremony, so I included them all!