Rustic-Urban Fort Collins Engagement Photography by: Ashley McKenzie

Rustic-Urban Fort Collins Engagement Photography by: Ashley McKenzie

Colorado and I have been going through a rough patch lately with all of this rain we've been having.  We go through this rough patch every Spring when I'm forced to reschedule half of my photography sessions.  It's okay though, because we made up last night (o:

When faced with the possibility of having to cancel another session, I used the rain as inspiration instead of letting it defeat me.  Chelsea & Shelbe embraced the challenge with me, and we came out on top with wild success.

We had this great plan of how we were going to shoot with the rain.  I had umbrellas packed in my car (like I always do), and we were just going to take a romantic stroll through the neighborhood.  The irony is that it stopped raining just as we started shooting!  We managed to capture a rainbow in one of their photos on a street corner. I love the way all of the greenery was brightened up with a fresh coat of rain too. 

I was so excited to be photographing in a "new to me" location.  This particular neighborhood in downtown Fort Collins gave us a really unique, rustic, and urban feel for their engagement photos.

These two were up for anything, including laying in that lovely field of weeds, walking quite a distance, and Shelbe insisted on carrying my step ladder for me.  Such a gentleman!  I really enjoyed getting to know the two of you better, and I can't wait to photograph your wedding in September!  Your personalities both shine, and I loved capturing these moments with you.