Horsetooth Engagement Photos by: Ashley McKenzie

There is nothing more that I love than living in Fort Collins, Colorado with the foothills so nearby.  Growing up here, I was taught that West and "towards the mountains" mean the exact same thing.  As a teenager a lot of my interest in photography was inspired from the hikes we would take as a family in the Rocky Mountains.  I remember hiking Horsetooth even as a little girl.  I suppose what I'm trying to say is that this place is very special to me.  

The views you see here are actually at Rotary Park, a popular walking trail that also provides plenty of large boulders for people who love to go bouldering or do an easy climb.  This particular spot was a common high school hang out for my friends and I.  It now serves as a beautiful place to take my clients for an engagement session, or for a "bring your own coffee & burrito" breakfast spot with my fiancé.

Who is this lovely couple you see?  Let me introduce you to Alison & Zac. They are from Wyoming.  See the Cowboys logo on Zac's shirt?  

I met Alison & Zac a few months ago when they booked me for their wedding.  These two shy, softly spoken personalities are a beautiful match for one another.  They fit together like two pieces of the same puzzle, and I am delighted to have captured this special time in their relationship while they are engaged, only months away from their wedding.