Photography By: Ashley McKenzie

Photography By: Ashley McKenzie

Bridget & John's beautiful Evergreen, Colorado mountain wedding was so intimate, and beautiful to photograph.  I cannot tell you how meaningful this day was to this lovely bride & groom, their family, friends, and even myself.  Not only did I love every little detail of their day from Bridget's Urban Outfitter's wedding gown, the Orange VW Bus that her brother brought along (best surprise to me EVER!), the beautiful flowers by Stems, A Flower Shop in Evergreen, to her adorable ice cream wedding cake made by Coldstone Creamery topped with two owls from Etsy, but with about 40 people in attendance I felt like part of the family.  

Bridget made a slideshow as a surprise to honor her parent's wedding anniversary and played Annie's Song by John Denver to accompany it.  Watching this slideshow with them, and listening to the music made me cry.  I can remember, probably much like Bridget, my Dad singing this song to my Mom in the car when I was a little girl while driving through the Rocky Mountains.  It felt like home.  Even while I'm writing this I find myself getting choked up.  This among so many other reasons is why I love my job.  I get to share in special moments like these with the most beautiful, genuine, and amazing people every weekend.

I get to dream with them, laugh with them, and be inspired by their love.  Ever since I can remember my friends referred to me as the "hopeless romantic", and they have always been right.  I am a sucker for romance, relationships, and unconditional love.  These are the things that speak LIFE to me.  To me, they are the point in this huge beautiful mess.

Bridget & John, thank you for inviting me to be apart of your celebration.  I cannot imagine having missed it.  Your love is so real, and holds a very powerful existence.  I wish the happiest life to you both.  Give my love to Darla.

Hair & Make Up by: Tall Grass Aveda Spa and Salon