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Wind, Hair, and Colorado Sunshine.


I'm constantly learning how to adapt to situations when photographing outdoors in Colorado.  It can be quite a challenge, especially in March when Winter is still holding on while at the same time Spring appears here and there.  I don't know why I'm so surprised every year when March rolls around and it starts dumping snow.  Sometimes we will see hardly any snow during the coldest winter months of December and January and as soon as Spring rolls around we receive inches and inches of what I call, "haha-just-kidding-snow".  I call it, "haha-just-kidding-snow" because it can be 60+ degrees with a sunny, beautiful clear sky in the morning and you look outside at 12 O'clock and guess what?  That's's snowing...again.  As soon as I think Spring is here to stay we get some, "haha-just-kidding-snow."  

Anyways...back to photography.  On the same day that I photographed Jessica and Michael's wedding, I took some college graduation portraits for one of my best friends.  Tayler is one of the sweetest and loveliest people I know and I am lucky enough to have her beautiful face all over my website.  If you've read the blog about Jessica and Michael's wedding then you already know that the weather that evening was not particularly forgiving, but the weather was at least much warmer earlier in the day when I was working with Tay.  Hold on though, that doesn't mean it wasn't a huge challenge.  Although it was "nicer" earlier in the day it was still very, very windy, and guess who has long, shiny, golden blonde hair?  You guessed again.  Tay!  We both did our best to get creative and find ways to keep her hair out of her face, and at many moments we just embraced it.  If you look in the portrait gallery on my website you will see some stunning photos of Tay with her hair blowing in the wind and creating the most natural and beautiful frame around her face.  With all of that said, we only got through about half of the session planned because of what happened next. Can you guess?  Yes, it rained.  Ohhh Colorado, you always keep us guessing.  


Ashley Louise
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